There are three main types of the “Class” content:


“Posts” are articles, announcements, and items of broad interest, grouped into 9 main categories (in the order they appear on the home page):

  1.  NEWS  –  These are posts about Class events, major news about classmates, Class projects, Yale news that relates somehow to our time at Yale.
  2. POTPOURRI – These are miscellaneous stories of interest about Classmates or Yale, which don’t really fit anywhere else.
  3. ARCHIVES – Articles about items from “back in the day” — often composed of scans of publications or other items from the late 60s at Yale.
  4. SURVEY – A series of articles reporting on the results of the Class Survey.
  5. CLASS NOTES  –  These are posts that are identical to the Class Notes that appear in the Yale Alumni Magazine, going back in history.  From 2017 forward, we will add pictures and hyperlinks to the Class Note “columns” as they are published.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – These are posts that contain announcements about class events or projects, or features on the website that warrant closer attention.
  7. MEMORIES – Posts written by Classmates — See Memories and Observations for a full explanation.
  8. MUSIC – Stories, videos and audios of performances by Classmates.
  9. IN MEMORIAM – These are posts in the nature of an obituary, allowing Classmates to leave Comments about the deceased.


The information about the 50th Reunion is in the main navigation … see 50th Reunion and it includes a key reference page, Reunion Details.


Broadly speaking, life at Yale was organized around the residential colleges (“Colleges“), our academic pursuits and concentrations (“Majors“) and the extracurricular activities we participated in (“Activities“).

Clicking on any of these three categories will bring up a page listing all colleges, all majors and all activities, respectively.

Then clicking on any particular college, major or activity will show a list of all Classmates who were members of that college, pursuing that major or participants in that activity.

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