SUMMARY: Five Events:
  • Friday, November 16th (Harvard Square, Cambridge)
    • Friday Dinner before the concert, 5:15 pm, Henrietta’s Table (in Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett Street, Cambridge)
    • Yale-Harvard Glee Club Concert, 7:30 pm, Harvard (Sanders Theatre)
  • Saturday, November 17th (Fenway Park, Boston)
    • Brunch before The Game,  9:30 am, at The Hawthorne, a restaurant near Fenway
    • The Game, noon, at Fenway Park
    • Post-Game drinks and appetizers, The Hawthorne again

The Game (Saturday noon)

The main event is The Game (noon – 3:30 pm ish).  This 50th anniversary of the famous 29-29 tie will be held in Boston’s Fenway Park.  On the morning when tickets went on sale, the Class purchased a block of 100 tickets and landed the best seats available to Yale attendees.  (Thanks, Lang Wheeler, for being first in line!)  Check out the Saturday details page to see more about The Game and to order tickets.

The Brunch (Saturday morning)

(click for 360 view of The Hawthorne)

Lang has hosted brunch at his home in Cambridge for the past 40 years … when The Game was held in nearby Harvard Stadium.  Because we expect a large turnout and because Fenway is a long way from Lang’s, the Class and Lang have arranged a “private event” brunch at The Hawthorne, a wonderful, upscale restaurant-bar that’s just 3 blocks from Fenway.  The menu (from their sister restaurant, Eastern Standard) is truly scrumptious; the bar is open for those wanting an early start, and it will be a great way to mingle with friends before walking over to Fenway. Check out the Saturday details page to see more about the event (including some special guests) and to order tickets.

Drinks And Appetizers Afterwards (Saturday afternoon)

After the Game, we will return to The Hawthorne to celebrate (or commiserate, as the case may be!) with some drinks, some appetizers and a warm place to chat.  That’s also a good time to let the crowds dissipate and make using Uber/Lyft or the “T” easier.  When you order tickets to The Game, please indicate your interest in attending a post-Game event; an accurate headcount will help us determine whether to pre-arrange special food or drink.


The Yale-Harvard Glee Club Concert, 7:30 pm

When The Game is in Boston, both Glee Clubs put on a spectacular, joint concert at 7 :30 pm in a lovely, large auditorium near Harvard Yard.  If you were a glee clubber, you won’t want to miss the chance to sing with them.  And if you weren’t, you’ll still enjoy the old favorites … and some new material, too.  See the Friday details page for more information and tickets.

Friday Dinner, 5:15 pm

We’ll meet at Henrietta’s Table at 5:15 and have a lovely dinner (with wine, tax and tip included) in a private room at Henrietta’s.  See the Friday details page for more information and tickets.


No, not the Ghostbusters.  The committee managing this weekend for the Class is Lang Wheeler and Wayne Willis.  If you have any questions, just email either one of them (Lang at or Wayne at


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